Bar Areas in Leeds

Bar areas in leeds

Leeds is a buzzing city and known for its great music and bar scene. The question is – where to head to ensure that the venue will be what you are looking for from your hen or stag night in Leeds? We offer Q jump passes to what we feel are some of the best stag and hen friendly venues in Leeds. However, we know it’s likely you will want to discover other bars too. So here’s our handy guide on where to head depending on your taste.

Call Lane

Best for: indie, rock and alternative music lovers

Situated just near to the Corn Exchange, Call Lane is home to lots of eclectic bars where students mix seamlessly with locals. If you’re looking for indie, rock and alternative music on your hen or stag night in Leeds then this is the place to head.

Popular places include Call Lane Social, Oporto, Jake’s Room, Bar Room Bar and Revolution. However, as you can expect with any area of a city renowned for its more alternative music, you may wish to split up if you’re with large groups of lads. If you have no joy, Revolution is usually a little more friendly.



Best for: the glamorous crowd

It may seem odd to head to a shopping centre for a night out but Trinity is not just a shopper’s paradise. There is the rustic and bohemian charm of The Botanist, the sleek and polished interiors of The Alchemist and the sunset-lit cocktail bar at Angelica. With all the bars  there’s one common theme – the swanky and glamourous crowd head here. So if you fancy dancing on the table tops this area may not be your thing, but if you want a stylish hen or stag night in Leeds then head to Trinity.

The Electric Press

Best for: Sophisticated and eclectic bars without pretentiousness

It should be called The Eclectic Press with the many different types of restaurants and bars to sample in this popular haunt. This is the ideal place for those looking for a more sophisticated night out without some of the pretentiousness that you may find in Trinity bars. With All Bar One, the chic Epernay Champagne Bar and the food and wine bar, Aglassto, to choose from – not forgetting the firm party favourite Revolution – you could happily spend all night in The Electric Press.

Woodhouse Lane


Best for: venues you know and love and clubber’s paradise

On the north side of the City Centre you will find lots of affordable bars around Woodhouse Lane which are favourites for those on a hen or stag do in Leeds, as well as the O2 Academy. You will find the cheap and cheerful Yates’ and Walkabout, party favourites like Baa Bar and Tiger Tiger and the ultimate clubbing venue that is Oceana. One thing’s for sure, you will be sure to find a bar or club you know and love here. However, for a slice of something different we would recommend checking out the TV and movie-themed bar Fab Cafe whilst you’re there.


Watch this space for detailed guides to each of the above areas, covering all the popular bars in each area and giving you the key information on music, opening times, drinks and prices – all the important factors in planning the ultimate hen or stag night in Leeds!