Top Ten Lip Sync Battles

by Trai Hadfield on 31/01/2017


Put a couple of people together, throw in a few dance moves, get their favourite tracks on and watch them battle it out. For some reason there is nothing quite as entertaining as a Lip Sync Battle.

To celebrate the release of our new Lip Sync Battle activities on Stag and Hen Leeds we have put together a list of our absolute favourites battles of all time, check them out for yourself.

10. Anna Kendrick doing Big Booty by Jennifer Lopez

Not only was this a flawless performance by Anne Kendrick complete with a choreographed dance routine but Anna steps things up a notch with a surprise back to back photo finish with the real Jennifer Lopez herself.

9. Ann Hathaway with Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

Ann Hathaway throws down in style when she put a mockingly passionate lip sync of Miley Cyrus’s wrenching ball complete with wrecking ball prop, you just have to admire the commitment.

8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing Janet Jacksons Rhythm Nation

lip sync battle joseph gorden - levitt
What shocked people most about Josephs performance was the absolute flawless choreography of his dancing. In the end he mimicked Janet Jacksons routine for Rhythm Nation down to a tee leaving jaws dropped and eyes wide open with surprise.

7. Ellen doing B*tch Better Have My Money by Rihanna

For some reason the intensely serious tone and lyrics of the Rihanna tune mixed with Ellen’s light-hearted demeanour makes for a truly side-splittingly funny experience.

6. Will Ferrell doing Drunken Love by Beyonce

Taking seductive song and running with it in a way only he can Will Ferrell gives a near flawless performance of Drunken Love. take it from us though once you see this you will never be able to forget so watch with caution.

5. Emma Stone with All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled

Bringing nothing but her A-game Emma Stone makes a great choice of song with the extra hype All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled. Like many of our favourite lip sync battles it’s the huge contrast between the star performing and the song of choice that makes more interesting to watch.

4. Dwayne Johnson doing Shake It Off by Tayler Swift

Take it from us you haven’t seen anything until you have seen Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dance bob around the stage to Swifts Shake It Off. A personal favourite part is where he is giving the finger to his competitors while singing “haters gonna hate, hate, hate”

3. Julianne Hough doing I Just Had Sex by Lonely Island

This especially awkwardly choice of song makes for a hilarious watch on its own. It is made especially awkwardly when you see her bother Derek Hough’s reactions as he sits there watching. All in all the actual performance is on point and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

2. John Krasinski doing Rolling On A River by Tina Turner

Taking the wow factor to a whole new level with this one John Krasinski starts off with a subtle and stylish performance of Rolling On The River by Tina Turner. However to everyone’s surprise out of nowhere Krasinski losses the suit for a flashy silver dress and out come the backing dancers.

1. Channing Tatum doing Run The World by Beyonce

Incorporating a little drag, choreographed dance moves, a set of backing dancers and that raw fun loving attitude Tatum had a recipe for a winner from the beginning. However once the Queen Bey stepped out on stage herself the crowd erupted and everyone knew that he had probably just made one of the best lip sync battles yet. It's for that that we must give our top spot to Channing Tatum as the whole thing makes for a one of a kind viewing experience.