The Otley Run On Your Leeds Stag or Hen Party

by Michael Ferguson on 15/06/2012

The Otley Run

One of the most famous activities Leeds has to offer and a perfect way to celebrate your Stag and Hen like no other. Traditionally popular amongst Leeds students, we are now able to offer this experience for Leeds Stag and Hens, and because the Otley Road only exists in Leeds, your Stag and Hen will be unique.
Known as the Otley Run, this pub crawl is a common feature in student life, usually used as an initiation for new sports team recruits or societies, birthday celebrations or a just a standard gathering. However these days it proves a popular addition to any Leeds Stag and Hen Weekend.
The route follows the A660 (Otley Road) and is roughly a mile and a half long, ending up in the city centre. As the road leads directly into the city it offers a perfect beginning to your Leeds Stag Night or Leeds Hen Night or a perfect end to your Leeds Stag Party or Leeds Hen Party (although, not many can stand after the Run).

It is recommended to start the route at 6-7pm, as it usually lasts 4-5 hours, depending on how quickly you drink. The Otley Run is famous for fancy dress and comprises of 17 pubs/bars, therefore an excellent opportunity for your Leeds Stag and Hen, as you can have any theme and drink at your own pace.

The 17 pubs/bars are as follows:

  • Woodies Ale House (Traditional Pub)
  • The Three Horseshoes (Traditional Pub)
  • The New Inn (Traditional Pub)
  • Headingley Taps (Traditional Pub)
  • The Arc (Bar)
  • The Box (Bar)
  • The Skyrack (Traditional Pub)
  • The Original Oak (Traditional Pub)
  • The Hyde Park (Traditional Pub)
  • The Library (Traditional Pub)
  • The Packhorse (Traditional Pub)
  • The Eldon (Traditional Pub)
  • The Old Bar (University Pub)
  • The Terrace (University Bar)
  • The Fenton (Traditional Pub)
  • Strawberry Fields,(Strawbs) (Bar)
  • The Dry Dock (Traditional Pub)

What is great about Leeds Otley Run as an idea for a Leeds Stag or Hen party activity is that you can pick and choose the pubs/bars you want to drink in. Also we have been able to link up with certain pubs and bars to give you discounts and also pre-order your drinks so you and your group are not waiting upon arrival.

No other Stag and Hen company can offer this experience and it is a perfect and unique way to celebrate your Stag and Hen whilst having a hell of a good laugh!

We will even join you if you really want 

The Stag and Hen Leeds Team