Serious Money-Saving Hacks for the Wedding

by Kimberly Low on 18/08/2016

Yes, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

It should be beautiful and unforgettable but it’s not unusual these days to find couples starting their marriage with negative balance in their banks thanks to an expensive wedding.

I am glad you’re here because it means that you’re not looking to end up broke from funding a wedding. Just because you’re a couple on budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the wedding. Here, I am going to share with you a few serious money-saving hacks for your wedding:

1. Enlist help from friends and family

This is a great way to reduce costs. Don’t be shy with asking for help and trust me, your close friends and family will be happy to help you out. Whether it’s for making decorations, baking the wedding cake, negotiating with vendors, wedding planning, emceeing or DJ-ing, you will be amazed at the money saved!

2. Be realistic

Be honest with yourself. Sit down with your spouse and hash the budget out and most importantly, stick to it. It sure is tempting to rent Chiavari chairs that cost 10 quid a pop, but will your guests remember the chairs? No. So, save the money for something else more important, like the downpayment of your first home together.

3. Get inspired by DIY projects

A little creativity goes a long way. With resources such as blogs and Pinterest nowadays, it’s a sin not to DIY even a little bit for your wedding. Make your own wedding backdrop, streamers, paper flowers and many more – with the help of your friends and family of course.


4. Have a potluck wedding

This is a fantastic wedding theme that is completely under-utilised. If bringing your own booze is acceptable, why not bring your own food? Set a potluck theme for your guests such as pie & tarts, desserts or Asian and enjoy the plethora of dishes coming your way. Not only will this save you from expensive catering but it will also be a great ice-breaker for your wedding guests. Imagine all the recipe sharing and conversations about food that’s going to take place!

5. Bring your own chairs

Remember how expensive fancy chairs are? Well, why not ask your guests to bring their own chairs! I know it probably sounds bizarre but it’s a great way to really involve your guests in your wedding. Your wedding pictures with all the different chairs…how cool!

6. Set the right theme

It’s no use setting a luxurious and glamourous theme if you’re working with a limited budget. Go for themes such as “rustic chic” or “vintage” where you can use recycled or upcycled decorations and not be too uptight about table arrangements. Be smart and frugal with your wedding theme, not cheap.

I hope all these tips will help you throw an epic wedding without busting your budget. All the best!