Party like Queen B

by Kimberly Low on 14/07/2016

Now who isn't a fan of Beyonce aka Queen B aka Bey? You're a fan and your girlfriends are probably huge fans too. That's why it's a no-brainer to pay tribute to the singer of one of the most prolific songs ever to exist, “Single Ladies” at your hen party.

We are going to teach you exactly how to party like Queen B

1. Get customised tank tops for all the girls.

Get the squad ready and ramp up the fierceness with customised tank tops for all your hens, ideally with “Feyonce” boldly emblazoned over it. As for the bride-to-be, she deserves nothing less than a sash that says “He put a ring on it” and a fabulous bedazzled crown with veil attached.

2. Get “Drunk in Love”

beyonce party gif

As Bey had dictated, get the drinks on! Glam up the drinks table with glittered champagne bottles, crystal stirrers and glasses. Bubblies, cocktails and spritzers, the more the better. As for pregnant hens, they will be happy with icy cold “Lemonade” of course!

3. Decorate party with powerful quotes from Bey.

You love her songs, you know her powerful lyrics by heart and now it's time to transform your favourite music into beautiful quotes that you can use for decorating the party space. Whether as cupcake toppers, chalkboard signage, sparkly text buntings or even written in lipstick on mirrored surfaces, Queen B’s words will reverberate throughout the party.

4. Design a bootilicious wedding dress from toilet paper.

Transform a classic hen party game into something even Beyonce herself can’t resist taking part. Get the girls to participate in an impromptu wedding dress designing contest using the ever versatile material - toilet rolls! Whoever manages to fashion the most bootilicious dress out of toilet paper wins.

5. Learn to dance to “Single Ladies”.

There’s no better way to show your love to Queen B than to single ladies. Get the girls together for a fun time learning and executing the choreography, taught by a professional dancer of course. Even if you couldn’t nail the steps, you get to bring home lots of fun and funny memories.

6. Watch “Dreamgirls” together.

Now this is totally a must-do if you girls are spending the night together. Put on your most comfortable velour, tracksuits, get the snacks ready, pop the champagne and enjoy a night of crying and laughing with Deena.

7. Get a spa and tan together for that “Flawless” glow.

To achieve that famous smooth honey-brown complexion that Queen B has, take the girls for a spa day, followed by a tan session. Now you all can look as fresh as Beyonce!

So there, all the ways you can party like Queen B. Stay fierce and stay powerful, ladies.