New Leeds Dating App: Where your appearance is gradually revealed the more you chat

by Kimberly Low on 22/09/2016

With a large variety of dating apps available these days, it’s not hard to believe that meeting the One or realistically, somebody decent, ordinary and fit would be quite simple. However, it most certainly is not.

The main issue is definitely the vanity perpetuated by the dating applications of recent times. Tinder for example requires you to choose dates on the basis of their profile pictures. People who use Tinder don’t get to read through masterfully composed bios; they swipe left to chat with people they deem attractive. Hardly the way to find true love.
tinder appSource: Tumblr

The right dating application can fundamentally expand your probability of discovering love on the web. Behold, a new dating application based in Leeds called JigTalk, made by young entrepreneurs Max Adamski and Alex Durrant. JigTalk is a dating app intended to engage individuals whose quests for dates are driven by more than physical appearance.

Most of the dating applications available right now either have profiles with many pictures and over-curated personal information (ie: or operate solely on the basis of looks. JigTalk on the other hand, combines the best of both universes by permitting its clients to talk first and look later. The creators of JigTalk want to move individuals to become more acquainted with each other by communicating with each other, not simply perusing a profile.

Each JigTalk profile contains three things or "icebreakers": occupation, most loved thing, and a random fact. If those three icebreakers managed to engage you, then you can offer to connect with that individual. If they liked you back, you can begin talking to that individual. However, instead of being able to see how one looks like straightaway, the photograph of the person you’re chatting with in JigTalk is obstructed by 16 jigsaw pieces that are removed one by one as the online chat advances.

JigTalk compels you to have a meaningful conversation with your potential date, keeping in mind the end goal is to uncover what they really look like. So, the pressure to be appear ‘conversationally charming’ is there.  

The fun really begins as the messages gradually reveal the photo of the person you are having flirty banter with. After the entire picture is uncovered, there is a respectable chance that it will parlay into something more. So, please do still post your best picture, eh.

The idea of JigTalk is definitely charming from various points of view. Purely on the grounds that it is an app that is able to strike a balance between looks and substance when it comes to looking for love, we believe it is here to stay for while.