New Activity: Axe Throwing

by Kimberly Low on 20/10/2016

Looking for something new and exciting to do at your stag or hen party?

Well, you’re in luck because axe throwing has arrived in Leeds!

Yes, you’ve read it right. Axe throwing – the popular medieval past time most recently spotted in a couple of particularly bloody episodes of Game of Thrones is now available for your partaking. This latest activity is suited for stags and hens looking for something adventurous, sporty and intense but most of all, unusual for their parties.


axe throwing

You can do your best impression of Mel Gibson in The Patriot or mimic Merlin’s swagger but our favourite is probably the maniacal way Christian Bale in American Psycho sinks his axe into his targets while listening to Phil Collins. Regardless of your axe-throwing style, you can do so in the comfort and safety of an outdoor activity site, just a short drive from Leeds.

An axe throwing instructor will be on site to provide full instruction to you and your friends, so don’t worry anything about losing a finger or a limb (bruising your ego on the other hand, well, get used to it). You will be taught how to fully handle and throw axes at various targets before and during your axe throwing session. Consider that as your warm up. After that, the fun officially begins.

You will be using your new-found axe throwing skill for an hour so yes, it would really help if you’ve got some stamina to start with. Otherwise, it may be wise to start working on those biceps if you intend on being the best thrower in the lot.

Speaking of competition, you can also add some competitive edge to your axe throwing session with a series of point challenges along the way. May the best person win! As for those with less than stellar performance, prepare for the penalties set by your stags or hens…
Another wonderful thing about this activity is that you can find out who is most talented at tossing an axe; because you never know you might just need him or her on your team when there’s a zombie outbreak.