Facebook Invades Woman’s Hen Party

by Kimberly Low on 12/05/2016

Many things have gone viral thanks to Facebook and a woman’s hen party is no exception. Julie Mckenzie from Newcastle Upon Tyne must have popped a vein when she realised that the guest list of her hen do had ballooned up from a party of 28 to almost 15000 people attending!


facebook messages screenshot


So, why the sudden popularity, Julie? Turned out, what happened was Julie or one of her bridesmaids had accidentally set the Facebook party invitation to public and things just got out of hand from there.

Random utter strangers just started clicking “attending” and inviting more guests of their own. At the time of writing, over 25,000 people on Facebook had been invited to Julie’s Hen Party and almost 15 thousands of them had indicated that they’re attending.

The party had even spawned a hashtag on twitter #julieshenparty where people discussed what presents to get Julie, the catering and what to wear. A guy offered to bring a couple of pork pies, which went down really well with all the would-be guests.

Julie’s Hen Party isn’t the first Facebook event that has gotten such magnificent response. In 2012, a 15 year old’s innocent house party quickly became what can only be addressed as a “massive do” with over 800 teenagers ended up attending. Naturally, things did not end up well with more than 800 teenagers wreaking havoc.

Police were called and they arrived to a scene of destruction costing over £30,000 including a piano that was basically smashed into smithereens.

Julie and her bridesmaids had probably foreseen what could happen with her hen party and so, just before it was to take place, they unceremoniously cancelled the event. While we will never know what could have gone down at Julie’s Hen Party, but we hope that she and her bridesmaids still managed to enjoy a quiet yet exciting do.