Emmerdale Tour to Open in Leeds

by Kimberly Low on 15/09/2016

In 2016, we’ve come across a well-planned “behind the scenes” tour of long-running soap Emmerdale.

It is ready to launch in its previous ITV studio area in central Leeds by next month. This tour will create at least 50 job opportunities.

The ITV will open a guided tour for the public in its Burley Road Studios in central Leeds. This tour will allow guests to participate in TV making giving them the opportunity to enter the world of television with full scale set reconstructions, props, costumes and interactive experience which will all be managed in the large area of 14000 sq. ft. This tour will welcome 150,000 visitors in its first calendar year.

There are proper management provisions for the tour and the famous Ticketmaster of UK has been appointed as the ticketing agent. This tour will also provide benefit to the city of Leeds as the tourist attraction will increase overall GDP and improve job opportunities.

Many people are excited for the Emmerdale tour to Leeds, and for the right reason. Just like the recent tour of Coronation Street, this is expected to be highly successful. The tour of Coronation Street had hosted 850,000 visitors and had generated 60 million euros in its 18-month duration. These 60 million Euros have been added to Manchester’s economy. The Emmerdale tour will reportedly double the previous numbers, if not more.

The CEO of Continuum Attractions Juliana Delaney said in a press conference; “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with ITV to give the public a chance to discover the magic behind the Emmerdale. Following the unbelievable feedback from the tour of the Coronation Street, we recognize that audience loves it when they go behind the scenes of the favorite shows. We are sure that we will replicate that unforgettable experience with the Emmerdale Studio Tour.”

Similarly Councilor Judith Blake, leader of City Council Leeds said; “We are happy to see these tours of the Emmerdale studios on Burley Road, which has started creating new jobs and is attracting fans from all around the Leeds. Emmerdale is a much loved Yorkshire institution which is continuously progressing and have been named as Best Soap inUK. We are looking forward tosee people taking a chance to visit Leeds and enjoy the ‘behind the scenes’ Emmerdale experience and also visit our city to see other attractions”.

On the other hand, MDA of Ticket master UK, Andrew Parsons added; “The tour of Coronation Street was indeed a successful tour, which had dragged thousands of people to the Manchester City and I am sure that people will come with same passion towards Leeds.”

Time will tell how the Emmerdale Tour proves its worth, though it is definitely not one you’d want to miss out on.