A Pirate Themed Hen Party

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Kimberly Low on 17/11/2016

Tired of all the overly girly, overly done hen party themes? Well, here’s your chance to break out of the mould. Throw a pirate themed hen party!

You and your girls will certainly not be disappointed as the pirates do know how to have a proper ruckus after all!

Here’s a guideline on how to throw a proper pirate themed hen party:

1. Pirate fashion

There are lovely pirate costumes available for rent but we’re pretty sure you probably have something in your cupboard that would not look out of place in a pirate themed party. A simple striped monochrome top with a red mini skirt, net stockings, boots and a red scarf tied around the neck…voila, you’re ready to set sail. Don’t forget the eye patch! As for the bride-to-be, she deserves a proper captain’s pirate hat.

pirate costumeSource: megafancydress.co.uk

2. Makeup and accessorising

So you’ve got the right costume down for your pirate themed hen party and now you need to make sure that your makeup and accessorising are on point. For your hair, try wearing it down or up with a bandana or a pirate hat. Have a few messy braids to complete the look. As for your makeup, we particularly love this look in this smoking hot pirate makeup tutorial: 

3. Food and drinks

What do you eat and drink at a pirate party? Naturally, seafood would come to mind. However, we suggest a more crowd-pleasing surf and turf menu instead. Not only will it draw appreciation from your hippy dippy Pescatarian girlfriends, but surely most will enjoy some good old red meat. If you’re rolling in the dough, order a pirate themed cake as your centrepiece for the food spread. As for drinks, you can’t miss out rum!

4. Party decorations

To decorate a pirate themed party, think dark, dirty and nautical. Use colours such as red, black and white generously with the streamers, balloons, confetti, paper crafts and many more. As for props, things such as ship wheels, sea buoys, treasure chests, miniature boats, captain’s hook and nautical ropes are pretty effective.

5. Games and activities

What do you do at a pirate themed hen party? You go sailing, of course! You can also consider living out your fantasy of keeping a handsome prisoner on board with butlers in the buff service. If you’re looking for something more active, check out raft building – a fabulously bonding activity with your pirate girls. At least you’d know who is your best chance at survival should you get moored on a deserted island.
Have a great parrrty, matey!


Have a great parrrty matey!