A Gentlemen’s Bachelor Party

by Kimberly Low on 21/07/2016

It’s really a misconception that only boys participate in stag dos. Here's some stag do ideas for older men, over 40s and maturer gentlemen


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We're here to tell you exactly how to have a great time with your maturer mates before you walk down the aisle with the woman of your dreams.


1. Horse racing

There is no better time than at your stag do to suit up and enjoy the horse race with your lifelong mates. Get the full VIP treatment in your own private box or cheer your chosen horse to the finishing line right by the tracks. Either way, you will look back at this exciting time with your buddies for years to come.



2. Go-karting

If you have always harboured a secret desire to be a race-car driver, why not opt for go-karting for your stag activity? Go-karting is an ideal activity for the gentleman as it provides just enough excitement and adrenaline rush without the typical risks or dangers that come with regular car racing. I am sure the missus will approve too.



3. Life drawing

Life drawing is an activity that is suitable for all ages. There’s really no age restriction (okay, you ought to be aged above 18 at the least) to enjoying sketching a beautiful nude female model. I know you and your mates have come far in life, but it will still be a riot to watch each other blushes and bumbles at the sight of a beautiful naked woman. Oh, and let’s not forget the most important thing about live drawing - that you men will get to learn how to sketch, of course.

life drawing


4. Evening at the casino

You are probably an established gambler already but even if you’re new to the poker table (you will receive a quick lesson) you will not find any less enjoyment at the casino. An exhilarating night of placing bets, drinks and bonding with your best friends, what’s not to like?

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5. Clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is a fun way to bond before an epic night out. Test your rifling skills and get your blood pumping at the beautiful West Yorkshire countryside. Trust me, you will never forget the feeling of hitting a target for the first time!



6. Comedy club

Is there a better way to spend an evening with your mates drinking, eating great good and laughing away? If that’s the kind of nights you’re aiming for, then you should totally visit the comedy club. And if you’re up for it, you can even go clubbing after a couple of hours sitting in stitches to loosen those stomach muscles.

comedy club

7. Dining out

Let’s admit it, there are only so many activities that one can do but really, at the end of the day, nothing beats an evening of delicious feast with all your closest friends. Make the experience a little more exotic by going for Thai dining. It’s going to be a lovely night of savouring delicious Thai food and catching up with your gentlemen friends.

meal out


Have a memorable and wonderful mature stag do!