6 Ways to De-stress Before the Big Day

by Kimberly Low on 11/08/2016

Planning a wedding is extremely stressful and it’s a shame that people generally don’t pay too much attention on a bride’s physical and mental well-being prior to the big day. There are tonnes of articles out there teaching you how to plan a wedding but hardly any that addresses the stress that comes with planning one. No wonder the unfortunate word “bridezilla” has become such a common way to address modern brides-to-be these days.

stressed couple

We’re all expected to plan a Pinterest-worthy wedding, making sure it stays within budget, and still look and feel great on the wedding day. Tough, I know.

Well, I am glad you’re reading this today because I am here to give you 6 suggestions on how to de-stress before the big day. Hopefully these tips will help you be a genuinely happy, blushing bride on the most important day of your life.


1. Remind yourself what’s important

This is likely the most important thing that you should do while planning your wedding; remind yourself what’s important. Not what’s important for the wedding, but rather what’s important in your life.

Is it a grand wedding which details only you will remember or a great marriage? After all the money and time spent on a grandiose affair, would you still have energy to work on your marriage? Would unmet expectations for the wedding cause resentment in your marriage later on?

Please consider all the important things and hopefully this will provide you with a clarity that could shield your from wedding planning induced stress.


2. Be realistic

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We all want the ghost chairs that cost 10 quid each to rent, the billowy marquee tent with a grand chandelier, the best caterer in town, the professional band and more.


Time to come back down to earth and be realistic. Those are just things that are nice to have but they are not needs. Far from it.

It’s silly to stress yourself over things that don’t add positive values to your being. Remember, all your guests want is to celebrate your union and to see you happy. People remember the blushing bride, the sweet moments, the delicious real food and the emotions on that day. Not really ghost chairs with butt-cracks all around!

3. Take 10 minutes daily to meditate or clear your mind.

In weeks leading to the big day, it’s good to take 10 minutes off every day to relax your mind. Meditating is a good way or simply, just occupy your mind with something else by reading a nice book that has nothing to do with weddings.

You owe it to your mind to give it a break.


4. Massages, lots and lots of massages

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Oh this is a no-brainer. Knead out those tensions and knots that have accumulated in a matter of months leading to your wedding day. Getting a massage may be a quick-fix but it’s really effective! Word of warning though, request for a gentler massage on days nearer to your wedding as you do not want to end up with unsightly bruises on your body.


5. Ask for help

This is where you maid of honour and family come into the picture. Don’t be shy to ask for help. Delegate tasks to the right people and trust them to accomplish them. Try not to micro-manage!


6. Exercise and eat well

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It’s amazing what 20 minutes on the treadmill daily could do to your state of mind. Cut out junk food as well, although the temptation to tuck into unhealthy food would be very strong while planning a wedding. Sugar is a big culprit in messing up your moods! Most importantly, by exercising and eating well, you will inadvertently look great too!


7. Bonus Tip: Surround yourself with positive people

Lastly, a bonus tip, keep your circle of support positive. Get rid of toxic relationships. Some people may mean well but if they do not know how to deliver their concerns positively, they pose a huge problem to your well-being. It may seem cruel to not respond to them but remember, you are most important!


Hope these tips will help get you through unscathed. Keep calm and plan a wedding!