6 Party Mask Themes

by Kimberly Low on 16/06/2016

In the past, masquerade balls were grandiose, elegant parties organised by European aristocrats and high societies. At a masquerade party, party goers made their grand entrance wearing beautiful masks with their identities kept secret until the stroke of midnight. The reveal of their faces would be celebrated with much fanfare.


identical hen party masks 
Image: Mask-arade

Today, you can host a memorable modern-day mask party. The idea of a contemporary mask party is pretty much the same – all the fun bits intact, but without the formalities and pompousness from a time bygone.

Here, we've spotted brilliant party mask themes that you could use:


1. Come as a celebrity

This is your chance to pretend to be the BBC Dragons, The President of the United States or maybe misbehaving members of the royal family. Chances are there will be lots of impostors at this party!


celebrity masks


2. Which Disney character are you?

Whether you’re a princess, a prince or a villain, there’s something for everyone at this party. It will be quite fun to see who identifies most with which Disney character.


frozen disney masks


3. Football craze

Since it’s the Euro Championship 2016 now, it’s only natural to throw a party where everybody could come as their favourite players! Surely the ultimate way to praise Daniel Sturridge for that last minute winning goal!


4. What is your spirit animal?

Is there anything cuter than an animal themed mask party? Take this opportunity to find out which of your friends is a wild animal at heart is and which is a domesticated fluffy pet who just wants to be nuzzled all day long. Meow.

animal mask


5. Sexy Masquerade

Looking to add an element of surprise and carnival to your sexy hen party? Then look no further than asking your girlfriends to come in lace masks. There’s just something very alluring about a woman’s face slightly obscured by a beautiful lace mask. We’re chalking it to the element of mystery.


lace masks


6. "We Love You" Party

Do you know that you can create your very own mask? Throw a “We Love You” party, whether it’s for a bride-to-be, a birthday boy or just to show you love your mummy. The idea is to create a face mask of the person you’re celebrating and get all the guests to wear the same masks. Now imagine how hilarious it will be when the person whose face you’re wearing walks in.


personal masks

Enjoy your party masks!