5 Unconventional Stag Do Ideas

Posted in Stag Party Ideas & Advice by Kimberly Low on 23/06/2016

You’re here because you’re looking for something different to do with your mates at your stag party. We know how difficult and tedious it can be to plan for something fun for so many boys. Hence, here are 5 awesome stag do ideas for you because we hate to disappoint.


stag do life drawing illustration



Step aside, Tom Hiddleston. Bugger off, Idris Alba. The real James Bond is in the building and he is none of than you! Include a game of espionage in your line-up of stag activities and be prepared to take on the most intense 4 hours of mental and physical tests you would ever experience. Immerse yourself in a world of code hacking, password breaking, puzzle solving, secret agents and Mission Impossible style covert meetings.

Supported by your smartphones and set against the backdrop of central Leeds, tackle various challenges which require thinking on your feet. Neither you nor your mates have to be a bionic super athletes to play this game as ultimately it focuses on a fun and competitive session together.


Zorb Football

Love football but not sure about partaking in strenuous exercise at a stag party? Well there’s a better option for you football fans and it is called zorb football. You would definitely still sweat a little but it comes with way more fun, way more hilarity and most importantly, you still get to play football – albeit with a massive inflatable bouncy bubble ball attached to your upper body.

Run, bounce and tackle without all the challenges usually discouraged in a conventional football game. In zorb football, nobody gets hurt except for their egos.


Life Drawing

I know what you’re thinking, life drawing at a stag do? Pffft. Well, hear us out lads. This life drawing involves sketching a completely nude model who’s not only selected for her good looks but also for her fun personality. Have I gotten your attention?

Guys, there’s no better reason to swap the typical lap dance with a life drawing session. You can work on both your sketching skills as well as ability to not blush or laugh out loud at your drawing. Best of all, the other halves would probably think it’s adorable that you are all going for an art lesson.


Pizza Making

If you’re going to bond with your buddies you might as well learn a life skill while at it. That aforementioned life skill is how to make an authentic, delicious pizza. What’s not to like about this pizza making skill – you get to impress your friends, girls and most importantly, feed yourself. Ever wonder why Italian men are so good with women? Well, one word; pizza.

Receive lessons from expert pizza makers at the Pizzeria and trust us, at the end of the one hour plus session, you’ll go home smelling of lover material.


Quad Biking with Archery or Air Rifling

Ramp up the testosterones on stag do day by throwing in some quad biking in the mix. Then after you’ve finished biking, finish your day with either archery or air rifling. Nobody can say you wuss out at a stag party with this activity.

With a vast 70 acres of woodland near Leeds as your site for quad biking with archery or air rifling, you and your mates are guaranteed to leave with one of the best experiences of your lives!


Enjoy, lads and you’re welcome.