Wine Tasting

Prices from £30 pp

Minimum 10 people

A refined enjoyable drinks activity for any stag or hen

Everyone who enjoys sitting back with a fine wine with family or friends is sure to enjoy our wine tasting on a party in Leeds. In our specially selected city centre venues our friendly and knowledgeable supplier will have you all travelling the globe as you learn all about and more importantly taste a variety of global wines. Perfect for those stag or hen wine connoisseurs or even those that barely know the difference between a red and a white wine this session will suit no matter what your past wine experience as the focus is very much on fun and nothing else!

Wine Tasting In Leeds

So it you choose to break with the age old cocktail masterclass tradition and focus your session on the finer things in life and book a wine tasting - what should you expect?


  • 90 mins wine tasting class
  • City centre venue provided or this activity can happen at any apartment accommodation in the centre
  • Get to taste up to 6 wines in total from across the globe
  • Choose from a selection of 2/3 whites, 2/3 reds and 0/1/2/3 roses
  • Fun enjoyable master class providing in-depth knowledge to your favourite wines

Subject to availability at any venue booked you have the opportunity to stay on and purchase some further bottles should you want to - just be wary though as you dont want to peak too early in the day and this session is more about quality than quantity!