School Sports Day

Prices from £30 pp

Minimum 10 people

Energetic, Competitive, Retro Fun - School Sports Day

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Whilst on your hen party in Leeds one of the best ways to burn off any excesses from the night before is to enjoy an energetic, competitive and fun daytime hen activity. Close to the city centre in Leeds at a number of sports centres our supplier offer 60 minutes regression back to the days of your Primary School sports day fun with this Leeds hen activity - the School Sports Day. Why not get on your finest fancy dress and head down to the centre to enjoy old favourites such as The Egg and Spoon Race, Sack Race or our team favourite at Stag and Hen Leeds the Space Hopper race. 


On arrival at the activity our friendly and experienced co-ordinators will greet you and introduce themselves before explaining a little about how the session is to run. Having taken hundreds of hen groups previously they really know howto inject loads of fun into your session. They will start off by dividing your Leeds hen group into separate "houses" and then each of those "houses" will compete against one another over a number of school sports day retro classics to see who wins and who gets the wooden spoon. With a number of different events you compete in a bad result at one will not mean the end of the world

However in any event it wouldn't be an old fashioned school sports day if we didn't in conjunction with our supplier offer prizes in the old tradition which means first or indeed last every hen walks away with a prize for how well they did. We just cant tell you what prize is for what place as that just wouldn't be fair!

This activity allows spectators so if you have less mobile members of your party then we can happily ensure they attend but are not charged meaning no one need be excluded. 

So if you fancy something energetic, fun and mildly competitive then get this booked in as party of your Leeds hen party plans. Enquire now using the forms to the right of the page or simply add this to your weekend basket and submit us your enquiry and we will be in touch soon.