Pole Dancing

Prices from £30 pp

Minimum 10 people

Leeds Pole Parties

Ladies have you ever had a few too many vinos on a night out and awkwardly swung yourself around the pole in the middle of a night club? Well fear no more as this session is the perfect Leeds Hen Party activity for those wanting to learn some seriously sexy moves whilst having a giggle and getting fit – Win Win! Along with zumba one of the most popular and fun ways for ladies in the UK to keep fit is with pole parties and Stag and Hen Leeds have linked up with a dance school in the city centre of Leeds for you to enjoy this fun activity on your Leeds hen party. And the added bonus being that you can send the Bride away on honeymoon with skills that will leave the groom gasping for more whilst all the other hens live the life of a showgirl in Las Vegas for a couple of hours.


leeds pole dancing party

Stag and Hen Leeds has linked up with the best dance school in Leeds to give you the best possible time with your pole dancing parties in Leeds. Its instructors, some with over a decade of professional dancing experience, will ease you in gently with a few basic moves and spins before turning your newly learnt skills into a stunning routine to finish your session. Certificates and a bottle of bubbly, sparkling wine will then be dished out to take away with you.

Want to spice things up a little further? Our dance options can be mixed and matched together to find the perfect combination you are happy with. Our suggestion – why not add an hour of chair dancing lessons to the end of your poledancing to get the complete set of sultry seductive moves whilst having tremendous fun in the bargain! Please indicate in the notes section of the “build your own” web page which combination you are interested in.

(Minimum number required for all dance packages is 10 people)

Not part of a hen group? Pole dancing in Leeds is available to all. To enquire or book call us on 07970047821.