Man v Food

Prices from £30 pp

If you fancy yourself as the new Adam Richman then look no further as we’ve got a variety of challenges for you to get your teeth into on your Leeds Stag Party. Or why not stitch up the groom good and proper by signing him up for the ultimate belly busting challenge while the rest of the stags sit back and enjoy a more manageable portion from our pre-ordered Global Grub menu.


(Insiders Tip – we’ve done our research and found out that Adam Richman does tones of leg squats just before he takes on a Man v Food challenge – apparently this is because the legs burn up a lot of energy after squats helping him eat more!)

Time to put your money where your mouth is and see who in your group, is man enough to take on the food and win! If you complete a challenge you will not only receive the endless respect from your fellow stags, you will also receive 3 bottles of Corona.

The Man Vs Food challenges to choose from:

• Wings of Fire (15 extremely hot wings – take caution!)

• The Nacho Tank (a gargantuan tank of nachos)

• The Sky Scraper Burger (4 signature burgers stacked high with mountains of fries and onion rings)

If not everyone in the group feels up to the challenge then there is no need to worry. The rest of the group can order from our Global Grub menu, so you can all sit together while some undertake the challenge and some enjoy their more manageable meal (see our other offerings on the sight).

By eating at this venue you’re welcome to explore their three distinct bar areas so there is no need to stay sat in once place. That’s if you can move!!

If you are not a Leeds stag party but are looking to take on a Man v Food challenge then simply tick “other” on the party type when prompted on the enquiry  form. Or you can call us on 0161 870 9677 or email