Goggle Football

Prices from £30 pp

Minimum 8 people

Goggle Football - 5 aside with a twist!

Afternoon Tea Liverpool

The latest craze of football themed stag and hen party activities is Goggle Football. Imagine playing 5 aside whilst drunk and you have the activity to a tee. This feeling is achieved by distributing goggles to all players that make the ball seem either 10x further away of 10x closer which as you can imagine is a little weird! Our friendly and experienced team set up the hour long session to warm up and practice before going full pelt in an out and out game of football to finish. Air shots and tumbles will follow as will laughs and videos like the one below which are a great memory of your weekend in Leeds.

Situated at sports centres as close as possible to the city centre of Leeds within easy reach of most accommodation our Goggle Football sessions last one hour and are fast beecoming one of the most popular activities Stag and Hen Leeds offer.

After arriving at the centre and meeting your instructor you will all get given those specially sourced goggles before you are immediately set to work with some football based warm ups. Once all warmed up you are then back to basics as you practice passing and shooting now you are wearing your goggles. Trust us that sounds dull but when you try and simply pass the ball from one place to the other it becomes surprisingly difficult and funny for your fellow stags and hens as you fail horribly! After that you do some sprinting drills before you head into a full game still with your goggles on. So think exercise , adrenaline and loads of laughs all packed into an hour long activity easily reached from the city centre. Perfect for that Leeds stag or hen party plan. 


So enquire now using the form to the right of the page or add this to your weekend to get started and get Goggle football in your plans.