Extreme Assault Course

Prices from £20 pp

Minimum 10 people

Prepare to get Muddy with this Extreme Assault Course

There are assault courses and then there are extreme assault courses! Everyone knows of the Tough Mudder series and what we aim to do with this activity is give you a cut down, fun, muddy version of the same but in a manageable stag or hen sized portion. A short drive outside of Leeds this permanent site part obstacle course part gym is run by a team of friendly instructors who are well versed in taking groups of Leeds stags and hens through their paces.

  Leeds Obstacle Course

The site has 20 race sized obstacles for you to challenge yourselves including the tyre mountain, cargo nets, A frames and balance beans to name but a few but if that doesn't work for you how about heading through mudruns with natural springs, we know your going to have an awesome time. Now the site is out in the open so the facilities are fairly basic but you have an area to change and store belongings securely and this is important as trust us you will definitely need a change of clothes!! 

This activity lasts 2hrs approximately and is perfect for any Leeds stag and hen parties wanting to blow off the cobwebs or get rid of those hangovers and truly challenge themselves whilst based in the city. Get out and burn off those alcohol induced calories and have some fun. Some of our groups have even been known to introduce a forfeit system based on peoples final positions. That further adds to the competitive edge although we preferred to work together as a team when the Stag and Hen Leeds team took this on. 

NB Transport to and from the site is not included within our price so let us know on enquiry if you would like us to add this to your proposal.

Still unsure have a look at our video below to see the sorts of things to expect-