Prices from £35 pp


Espionage is a unique game event ideal for groups ofhens who are looking for a fun game to play, that provides both a mental and physical challenge, and will bring people together over the course of the 4 hour event across the sites of Leeds city centre. Taking inspiration from movies such as Mission Impossible, James Bond and the Bourne series, Espionage Leeds places you into a world of secret agents, code breaking and secret rendezvous meetings all within the city centre of Leeds.


The event is a fast paced adventure using mobile technology set on the streets of central Leeds. It involves various tasks and challenges, which require clever thinking in order to complete successfully.

Espionage Leeds caters for groups ranging in size from 10 to 30 people, involving either 3, 4 or 5 teams. The game does not require all of the players to be super athletes, but instead focuses on playing a fun (and often competitive) game together. The teams are colour-coded and each has a captain, who co-ordinates her team’s efforts throughout the mission.

For each password cracked, puzzle solved, or challenge completed, a piece of territory on our digital city-map is issued to the successful team. All of the gameplay is tracked online so everyone can follow each team’s progress. This gives the Espionage game a thrilling urgency!

When picking teams, perhaps mix friends from different backgrounds between teams. This creates a great opportunity to introduce people who may have just met for the first time and bring them together in just a couple of hours. Prizes and certificates are awarded to the victorious team at the mission debriefing.

Prices for Espionage Leeds start from £35pp, based on a group of around 15 people.

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