Archery in Leeds

Prices from £30 pp

Minimum 6 people

Get to know your Longbow From your Crossbows


Situated a short drive away from Leeds in the grounds of a beautiful castle our activity supplier offers picturesque surroundings as your stag or hen party tries to engage their inner Robin Hood with archery in Leeds. The session last one hour and is a pleasant mix between learning the history of the sport, improving your skills and a lot of fun competitive games across the way concluding with shoot the apple off the head of their resident manikin "Suzie". 

Leeds Archery

So what should you expect on your Archery session in Leeds. Well the centre's experienced and friendly instructors who are well equipped in dealing with stag and hen parties will start by distributing the well maintained and easy to use beginner kit including bows and arrows and will then start with a small safety briefing before getting a number of you at a time to try your hand. Skilled enough to ensure oyu improve after every shot they will soon have you scoring highly in the competition that follows but may stop short at guaranteeing you hitting the apple on "Suzie's" head!


  • Professional ranges a short drive from Leeds with experienced and highly skilled instructors
  • Well maintained kit provided for your group - (this does mean you cant blame the kit if you end up missing though!)
  • 1 hr session
  • Learn the history of the sport 
  • Enjoy a competitive edge to your activity with points challenges along the way
  • Finish the session by seeing if you can shoot the apple off the head of the centre manikin "Suzie"
  • Transport to the centre not included within the quoted price (let us know if you need a quote)

So with all the bases covered why don't you target this activity for your Leeds stag or hen parties?